About Us

Hello, I am Dani and welcome to ENCANVAS YOUR WORLD, a unique shop with many custom items designed by me. Here you can find tote bags, pillows, and other items. New items will be in store from time to time. My designs are a combination of my love for art, traveling, and the beauty of warm, tropical places. The images are often of famous landmarks, iconic things and nature. Did you go on vacation and forgot to buy a souvenir? Or simply, you didn't have room in your suitcase for it? Shop my collection to find the perfect piece to add to your life and home. If you would like a tote bag with a place or iconic landmark that you don't see in my collections, you can let me know and I will create it for you. Check out the pet's tote bag too, an ultimate favorite! You can email me the picture of your pet and I can design you the bag. All the totes are great for so many different uses: from holding books or your laptop, to use them for grocery shopping or as a beach bag. There are so many other ways you can use these bags for! And...who doesn't like a bag!? I can create new images for you upon request if you don't find what you are looking for. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, and enjoy my creations.